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04 June 2009 @ 11:26 am
' °● FAQ

What is lossless exactly?
Lossless music is something that music geeks love to have: the maximum quality of sound in not such a big size. You might think that 30mb per file is huge, but in fact - it's only half of a wav-file. Let's say, lossless music is the closest to real CD-quality. The tricky thing of lossless is that not many players support these files, since most players concentrate on lossy files like mp3 or wma.

Lossless... Lossy... what?
To be short; Lossless is uncompressed and lossy is compressed. The reason lossless music is the closest to real CD-quality is because it's uncompressed, hence the big size of the file.

What kinds of lossless files are there?
There are several types: FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), WAV (Waveform Audio Format), TTA (True Audio Lossless), WMA Lossless (Windows Media Lossless) and ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec). The most popular ones are probably FLAC, WAV and ALAC.
Which players can I use to play lossless music?
There's no specific player that plays all lossless files. ALAC is developed especially for the iPod, thus playable in iTunes. You can also play WAV and WMA Lossless files in your own Windows Media Player. But, there's also foobar2000 which supports all three including APE (Monkey Audio), WavPack etc.

I want to contribute to the community! How do I rip my CDs to lossless?
If you want to rip your CDs to ALAC, you can simply do it in your own iTunes. Just set your options to Apple Lossless and you're set to rip your collection! You can rip your CDs to FLAC with programmes like dBpoweramp or AutoFLAC. And as for WAV and WMA Lossless, you can use Windows Media Player to rip! If you want to rip to other formats, then you can google for them.

I've listened to it and actually... I don't hear a difference between mp3 and lossless at all?
Well, that really depends on your soundsystem and your ears. People can hear a clear difference between a 320kbps mp3-rip and a lossless-rip, some can't. You might wanna try headphones? If you still don't hear a difference or simply don't care, then I suggest you turn back to mp3, since it's more convenient for your harddrive.

Uploaders are so nice! They all take their time to upload and I, OF COURSE, take my time to say thank you. But they're all in a some sort of package and I can't open it?
Uploaders probably compressed them all in one file to make their lives easier when uploading. You might want to download the latest WinRAR, so that you can extract them. A side note: If you see {filename}.rar.001, that means that you have to join the rar-file first before you can extract them. You have to download HJSplit for that.
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03 June 2009 @ 02:07 pm
EDIT: Regarding #4, for the time being - I'll be the only one who keeps her entries public. I'm doing this for advertising purposes. I hope that clear_sounds will be a big independent community on day ♥ But by any means, please contribute to the community!

' °● Rules
  1. I'm very serious about this rule. I'd like to keep this community friends locked. Every single entry besides these three entries will be f-locked by default. You all have to understand that what we're doing is illegal and I could face lawsuits. I'd rather avoid that. Just join the community and you'll have access to the files and even have the ability to post stuff yourself!

  2. Western releases are not allowed in the community. Simple as that. Keep it in Asia (if you didn't notice, this is Asian based). Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese, they're all welcome!

  3. Let's keep it civilized. Don't bash people if you don't like what they've posted, said or whatsoever. People are entitled to their own opinion. Want to fight anyway? PM eachother, email, smoke signs or whatever.

  4. If you post anything, please keep it in the community. I'm didn't create clear_sounds to be like jpop_uploads or kpop_uploads.

  5. Please tag your posts properly! I will create some tags beforehand, but if you want more, please request a tag via PM (jaejin ) So f.e. : *kpop, #alac, female: younha.

  6. Requests are allowed, just don't over do it OK? Lossless files are quite rare compared to mp3. You just have to be lucky that if someone has the CD, will rip it lossless for you too.

Any questions about the rules? Email to yongwonhi_jaejin [at] hotmail [dot] com or PM me through Livejournal ♥

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